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Jatoba hardwood flooring, commonly called Brazilian Cherry, has become one of the most common exotic wood flooring options in the marketplace. The rich colour and strength of this wood species provide superior performance for both residential and business applications. Are you interested in finding a high-end finish on your living space? Jatoba Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors presents a fantastic option.

Essential Properties of Brazilian Cherry Hardwood

Appearance -- Jatoba includes a deep tone, ranging from golden to rusty brown, much like mahogany. The texture appears rough to medium and presents a interwoven grain. Full color runs across the wood, which helps to minimize the look of wear and damage.

Durability -- Brazilian Cherry has a Top Janka rating, coming in at Approximately 2350, compared to the American Cherry in 950.

Affordability -- called a luxury choice, Jatoba does cost more than ordinary nationally choices. But you can expect years of beauty and functionality in almost any application. Installation stays the same, therefore labour costs should be consistent with the rest of the kinds of hardwood floors.

Jatoba has a reputation for resistance to termites and other critters, supplying a long possible lifespan. It's also straightforward to deal with, which makes it a popular choice for flooring installers, as well as homeowners. Jatoba is known for stain resistance, therefore, the natural colour is often favored.

Affordability -- called a luxury option, Jatoba does cost more than ordinary nationally choices. However, you can expect years of beauty and performance in almost any application. Installation remains the same, so labour costs should be in line with the rest of the types of hardwood flooring.

Where Can Brazilian Cherry Wood Flooring Come Out?

Despite its appearance and name, Brazilian Cherry isn't a true cherry wood. Most producers tag Jatoba wood flooring as Brazilian Cherry for marketing purposes, as it sounds more lavish and upscale. You may also see it on the shelf as Locust or Courbaril.

Tree Stats: height of between 80 to 150 feet, the diameter of about 4 ft and a well-formed trunk.

Originating from a tree at the Leguminosae family, caliber Jatoba floors ought to be sourced by a responsible manufacturer with FSC certificate. This timber flooring comes chiefly from Brazil, though some product is sourced from Peru, Bolivia and southern Mexico. The shrub is known as endangered and FSC certificate provides consumers with assurance of sustainable and responsible harvesting practices.

Programs and Product Details

Brazilian Cherry wood flooring looks attractive in nearly any room, although the dark, rich colour may be overwhelming in a more compact area. Make sure you design halls and foyers with window treatments that improve natural light, allowing for its use of Jatoba.

Solid Brazilian Cherry works well from the kitchen, due to the timber's stain resistance and strength. Several manufacturers offer floating Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring, perfect for the dining area, family room, bedroom, and office. Nail-down hardwood and glue-down hardwood floors lines will also be accessible Brazilian Cherry.

When you're on the market for long lasting, highly attractive and durable hardwood floors, Jatoba or Brazilian Cherry wood floors offer a smart alternative. Appreciate the rich colour and interwoven grain which presents an exotic look. Count on the potency of a substantial Janka hardness rating, and invest in Jatoba--a timber floor option that is both stylish and timeless in 1 bundle.

Monday, 1 February 2021

Wood Floor Panels: Solid or Engineered?

Wood flooring panels are a popular inside selection for owners of small homes, large houses, new homes, old homes and flats of styles. A really flexible, weatherproof and very affordable flooring option, wood is not just great to check at, it's easy to keep too. But one thing a lot of people struggle with is your significant choice between engineered and solid.

We have written about this earlier on the Floor Sanding Bexleyheath site, but since it is among the most important and most common questions we have asked, we have resolved to learn more about the issue again. Every time we do so we receive comments from customers saying that prior to reading our articles they had misunderstood engineered timber flooring -- so we are thrilled to have the ability to assist and make a difference.

Strong wood flooring panels

Solid hardwood floors has become the most traditional hardwood flooring. It is what has been fitted centuries past in temples and stately houses and years past in new build houses. And strong hardwood was selected for good reason: since it looks fantastic, it's simple to keep and lasts (over a life ) with all the ideal care.

Regardless of whether you plump for walnut, walnut or a different wood of your choice, you realize that if you select solid hardwood floors you are obtaining a organic product at a fantastic cost that may look a thousand bucks. Strong wood is ideal for any area in your house where you have under floor heating nor expect temperatures and humidity levels to differ greatly.

But we would counsel you against installing it at the likes of kitchens and bathrooms. Why? It is easy really. Because strong wood is an entirely natural solution, it contracts and expands as it comes in touch with considerable moisture or is subjected to rapidly changing temperatures. While growth and contraction is not a problem for wood if it is in its own normal surroundings, when it is laid as a ground, it can result in unsightly and draughty gaps in addition to the danger of self indulgent and bowing. Each these items will spoil the appearance of your flooring, and that's the reason we advise that you opt for an engineered solution to baths, kitchens and rooms with under floor heatingsystem.

Engineered wood flooring panels

Engineered wood flooring is, together with laminated floors, among the most misunderstood flooring solutions. Frequently confused with laminate, engineered flooring is a really exciting development in wood floors, but is only really appreciated by the men and women who fully comprehend it.

Made up of layers of ply which are bonded together, engineered wood flooring is topped off with a solid timber top coating. It is this solid wood top layer that produces engineered wood flooring seem so fantastic. With a selection of species, grades, finishes, and thicknesses, this surface makes engineered look just like solid wood in the exact same time as boasting all the benefits that this flooring brings.

Engineered wood flooring is built in such a way which makes it stronger and more stable than solid wood. The layers and layers of ply that are secured together make a very strong and stable core for each and every board. And it's this robust and secure core plank that means that engineered wood flooring doesn't expand and contract into the exact same extent as solid wood. The end result is that you can fit it over under floor heating in addition to in kitchens and baths without fear of damage brought on by expansion and contraction.

Add the flexibility of the floor to its great looks and you begin to see why so many people plump for this alternative.

If you're wondering how to go and could do with a helping hand, why not get in contact? At Floor Sanding Bexleyheath , the entire staff is here for you -- we are here to assist you in making sure that the wooden floor you choose for your job is the most suitable one for you.

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Best Way to Clean Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floor is a go-to for many homeowners because of its elegant look and the way it enhances the visual appeal of the house. But, cleaning the hardwood floors is another story. This is a challenge but you don't want your floors to begin rotting or becoming ruined. So what's the perfect method to wash hardwood floors without ruining the finish? There are a couple measures take when cleaning hardwood flooring.

  • First and foremost, wash the ground using a cloth or mop which is treated with a simple dusting agent to pick up tiny particles like dirt and hair. Disposable electrostatic clothes are great for spaces that are hard to enter.
  • You could also opt for a vacuum cleaner with a floor brush attachment or an electrical wheelchair in case you don't enjoy going guide. However, you should avoid using vacuums with a beater bar attachment as they can scrape off the finishing from the ground.
  • Utilize a diluted wood cleaning product like vinegar for deeper cleaning of stubborn stains such as oil, grease, or dirt.
  • When there are relatively no stains for occasional cleaning, use a damp mop or rag and take care not to leave standing water on the floor as this can cause damage to the timber surface.

  • The type of finish on the flooring can help you decide how to remove a mark onto the ground. For instance, if it is a difficult finish like urethane, then the mark will most likely be on the surface. This may be easily cleaned with a gentle clean cloth. For a soft oiled end, the stain will probably have gone through the wood and the stains could be removed using fine steel wool to rub the ground wax or mineral spirits. Alternatively, you may use a crayon of the same color as the ground and fill up the mark with it.
  • If you prefer a more natural cleansing, boiling water and two teabags would do the trick. Leave the 2 teabags in boiling water and let it soak for a few minutes in a container. Dampen a soft cloth with the tea and use it to wipe the floor surface. The outcome will be a flooring surface with a timeless shine as a result of lactic acid in tea.
  • The question of what is the best way to clean hardwood flooring comes to focus on most homeowners particularly during the rainy season. During this time period, use a dry cloth to wipe the surfaces or even a slightly moist cloth. Additionally, use a suitable air conditioning or fanning method to keep the floors dry.
  • From the cleaning process avoid harsh chemicals or harsh surfaces like sandpaper, or steel wool because that may leave an ugly mark.
  • To further protect your hardwood flooring and maintain their clean look, consider buying rugs, runners, and doormats, to cover your flooring in high traffic areas.
Hardwood floors are obviously attractive and should properly maintained can make a house look very attractive. It's thus important to understand how to clean out the stains and marks that may ruin their physical appearance.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Your dog or your wooden floors - we say why not both?

Hardwood flooring owners often find that their favourite puppy paws have left terrible scratches that ruin  their floor surface. Even running to the door to greet you in the evening may leave a huge gouge in the surface of the hardwood floor if you don't have a proper protective layer.

Wooden floors are perhaps the most practical and beautiful material of all the time. But over time, the natural protection they have may wear off! To protect your hardwood floor you may choose to apply wax. A layer of protective wax will help provide a buffer between your dog’s claws and the actual wood of the floor. Wood floors with a protective layer of wax will likely need to be stripped with a new layer of wax applied once a year and this is why we think that the best ways for protection is to plan on lightly sanding and recoating floors with an additional layer of finish on each five to seven years.

When you care properly for your wood floors, they can last for generations and they can also be the desirable element when you decide to sell. Keep your floors smooth and if you have any need of help contact us for a free sanding quote!